Ice cream

Our high-quality ice cream mostly comes from a family-run company in the region, the “Eis vom Bauernhof GmbH”. Petra Höfler is a professionally certified manufacturer of ice cream of the Eisfachschule in Iserlohn. Right from the first moment on, she has placed great emphasis on using high quality ingredients such as whole milk, cream, egg yolks and delicious fruits for her production. The raw products are solely obtained from reputable, long-established suppliers and in a modern production facility that meets all the required hygiene and quality standards, currently about 40 different flavors of ice cream are produced.

Eis vom Bauernhof GmbH
Zirndorfer Weg 9
90556 Wachendorf

Eis vom Bauernhof GmbH
Weingut Hermann Dereser


Our wines come from the winery Hermann Dereser from Stammheim am Main, directly at the foot of the Eselsberg, which is known for its excellent wines. The family business is in the seventh generation and has received numerous renowned prizes, most recently two of three stars at the AWC Vienna 2013, the largest wine rating in the world and five gold medals and seven silver medals at the Franconian Wine Awards in 2013.

Weingut Dereser
Maintalstraße 6
97509 Stammheim

Local fish

Erlengrund-Fischerei in Diepoltsdorf supplies us with freshly caught freshwater fish such as carp, trout and char, smoked trout, eels and carp.

Martin Rau
Achtelstr. 39
91245 Simmelsdorf

In addition, we always get the best quality fish from the heart of the Upper Palatinate, close to the Czech border. Fish farmer Hans Kraus breeds and processes, for more than 30 years, trout, chars, carp, salmon trout and tench.

Fischzucht Kraus
Hans Kraus (Teichwirt)
Am Stadtbrunnen 18
95671 Bärnau

Fische im Restaurant
Rindfleisch aus der Region

Pork and Beef

In butchery and kitchen we only use pork from regional production from

Gottschalk Georg
Nuschelberger Hauptstraße
91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz

Bread and bakery products

A small village bakery that has used only natural ingredients with no additives over the last 70 years, provides us with the original and famous ”Nuschelberger Landbrote”, cottage loaves made with pure natural sourdough and baked in a stone oven.

Gottschalk Georg Bäckerei
Nuschelberger Hauptstraße 5
91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz

Brot aus der Region
Ein neuer Jäger im Team


Our venison originates solely from hunters well-known to us with hunting grounds in

  • Rückersdorf
  • Moritzberg
  • and the Upper Palatinate

Vegetables and fruits

We receive fruit and vegetables from the Nuremberg Knoblauchsland from our supplier

Markus Deuerlein
Königsberger Str. 14
91207 Lauf a. d. Pegnitz


Spargel-Erzeugerverband Franken e.V.
Hans Höfler
Baststr. 14
90427 Nürnberg

Chanterelles and porcini mushrooms

Magu Oberpfälzer Waldfrüchte GmbH
Kauerhofer Straße 5 – 7
92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Zwetschgen und Kirschen

von Obstbauern aus Igensdorf (Oberfranken)


Bauer Hubert Pinsel
Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz

Pfifferlinge und Steinpilze


Fresh free-range eggs come from a small chicken farm

Hühnerhof Wiesengrund GmbH
Deininger Weg 5
86720 Nördlingen


Transparency in the processing of the coffee, which of course does not grow local, is important to us too. The coffee roaster Henning & Böhm from Landsberg obtain their coffee beans from organic farming. The strict organic certification includes

  • Prohibition of genetic engineering
  • Prohibition of chemical-synthetic pesticides
  • Avoiding the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers as well as
  • Protection of air, soil and water

The gourmet coffee roaster that roasts in traditional drum roasting procedure at the lowest temperatures (180-220 ° C) very, very slowly (about 22-28 minutes), produces excellent coffee qualities – and the difference in taste is considerable.

Gourmet Rösterei Henning Böhm GmbH
Réaumurstraße 6
86899 Landsberg am Lech

Kaffee aus der Region